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We all know that when you’re tracking progress – of a company’s sales, a person’s weight, an athlete’s performance, whatever – you need to look at the trendline over time. Sales, weight, and, say, swim test times, fluctuate day to … Continue reading

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On the Bike!

Some days I have to think a little bit to settle on a blog topic. Not today! Because today I got on a BIKE! A recumbent bike, with no resistance, for only 10 minutes. But my legs went ALL THE … Continue reading

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A Small Wager

Either way you cut it, I was going to get the best end of this bargain. Michael and I were sitting in my doctor’s office this afternoon, and Nurse Cindy left the room to go read my new x-rays. “Wanna … Continue reading

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The Web

My awesome cousin Sarah wrote me yesterday to say hello, and she asked how I was handling being “stuck,” meaning isolated and not able to get out like normal. The answer: it’s weird, it’s frustrating sometimes, but really it hasn’t … Continue reading

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Monday Highlights

No big theme for today, just a bunch of little thoughts & events. Milestone of the Day: I put my right sandal on ALL BY MY SELF!! Present of the Day: New tank tops & running shorts – which are … Continue reading


Endurance Sports from the Lazy Boy

Today was pretty much my Superbowl. This morning the Tour de France ended, and as I write this, a dozen of my Train-This teammates are running their way towards the finish line of Ironman Lake Placid. ┬áMichael and I had … Continue reading

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The Little Things

The things that have made the past few weeks a little nicer, in stream of consciousness order: Mad Men DVD’s Facebook Stretch, the Reaching Tool Corn Thins Emperor Francis cherries from our G&S Orchards fruit CSA My Lazy Boy This … Continue reading