A Blog to Calcify By

Cyclist turned triathlete, farmer turned seed marketer, midwesterner turned Upstater, mom to several furry four-leggeds, partner to a wonderful two-legged. Cracked my pelvis on July 4, 2010 thanks to an unleashed dog and a pile of dumb luck. Finally home from the hospital, reclining in a brand new, plush, chocolate-brown Lazy Boy that frankly evoked more relief than I ever thought a chair could.

The lovely brown recliner.

At my partner’s suggestion, I’m starting a blog to trace my recovery. I am perpetually amazed at the human body’s capacity to change in response to stimulus; that’s one of the things I love most about training. So I thought I’d share how the mending is going, along with pretty much anything else that pops into my head. Which hopefully will be interesting even after I lay off the Vicodin.

First steps with the walker.

The name of this blog is an unsubtle spin on Train-This, the incredible multisport coaching company run by my coach, Mary Eggers. She has helped me improve a ton in the few months we’ve been working together, and the whole TT team has helped me feel welcome in the Rochester area. So since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and because mending (usually called recovery, I guess) is always a part of training, I thought Mend This would be a good blog name. And before I thought of “Mend This,” my title was “The Mending Basket”…but that felt a little too homespun, especially as I generally can barely squeeze in time to get laundry done , much less sew. I’m fairly sure I couldn’t find a needle & thread in this house even if I wasn’t committed to staying parked in my fabulous Lazy Boy for the afternoon.

Thanks to Jim & Chad at Geneva Bicycle Center for the sweet handlebar bag and bottle cage, here shown transporting my breakfast.

Anyhow, my next challenge – rather than the races that were on my schedule this season – is to heal from this injury and in the process, get back on my bike, in the water, and eventually in my running shoes. This will take some time, and I have no illusions that it will be easy. But I have a truly fine bunch of people supporting me, and I am absolutely ready for the challenge. So thanks for reading; come back for updates as I continue to Mend This!


About solveighanson

I'm a (late) thirtysomething Plant Breeding Ph.D. student, daughter / sister / auntie, vegetable fan, yogi, sometime cyclist, and enthusiastic if infrequent baker. I started this blog in the summer of 2010 to trace my recovery from a pelvic fracture sustained in a cycling accident. That healing process was truly transformative, and since then I seem to have written mostly about the transformations that have followed. And hence the title of the blog: Don't call me a butterfly, because I'm not done changing.
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8 Responses to A Blog to Calcify By

  1. Jason Briggs says:

    Hi, My name is Jason Briggs and I am a local triathlete. I wanted to let you know how sorry I am this has happened to you. My family will be praying for your speedy recovery! It sounds like you already know the triathlon community is incredible. I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing and being coached by Mary as well as some of her for lack of a better word “students”. Even though we haven’t met I want to wish you a fast recovery. I know we are bound to run into eachother sometime. Take care and good luck.


  2. Michael says:

    Thumbs up Hans. I’m with ya!

  3. Rob H says:

    I love this blog! Great idea!!!

    Glad you’re well enough to get home! Thats got to be a huge relief. I know we’ll see you out at events soon enough!


  4. Carrol says:

    Solveig – glad to know you are home and getting as comfortable as possible. What some people won’t do to get waited upon hand and foot??? Take care and let the healing begin!! Thoughts and prayers continue…

  5. Ellen says:

    Solveig, I hope you recover quickly. In the mean time I will read your blog. You are very skilled at writing and Michael is right it will help you feel better. It’s away to stay occupied.Best wishes. Ellen

  6. Connie B says:

    Hey, Solveig
    Great to hear that you’re on the mend! Rest up and take care of yourself, and keep us all posted on your recovery…

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi Solveig!

    I just wanted to say that we’re sending all our good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery! I can’t believe your rotten luck but am not at all suprised by the group of caring and supportive friends that you’ve collected there so quickly to help out.

    Sending lots of love your way – from a little further away!

    xo Sarah

    PS: Thank you! Finally I understand what a Lazy Boy is good for 😉

  8. Ruth Hanson says:

    Solveig, What great responses you are getting with your blog not yet 24 hours old. Just one more thing to impress me. We’ve got it bookmarked. 🙂

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