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Easter started earlier this morning than I’d planned. After a full day yesterday – 2 hour trainer ride (my longest post-accident), yoga class, grocery shopping, major dishwashing job, laundry laps, and cooking dinner – I’d racked up 32377 steps towards … Continue reading

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A few days in pictures

On Thursday morning I graduated from Physical Therapy! Geoff put me through the series of strength tests we’ve been doing for the past several months and decided I was good to go. I felt good to go. And forced him … Continue reading

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Because I want to and I can

This one will be short and sweet, but I just want to put it out there…because as my friend Kari says, I want to and I can. I had a rocking swim this morning. Several good things converged: my new … Continue reading

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The Weekend Report

It was an eventful weekend in my little world, and here’s my 20 minute recap. As in 20 minutes to write, not read! 🙂 I’m bullet pointing this one to remind myself that BREVITY is the goal here. Not that … Continue reading

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My Aching Ass

Well. Remember that little 28 minute bike ride I told you about? The one after which my hip hurt a little? So it wasn’t too bad on Monday, and I went to Coach Mary’s evening yoga class at Breathe. It … Continue reading

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Riding with the fear

So! It was a big weekend in bikeland for me. The weather is finally starting to warm up, and I know that as nervous as it makes me right now, I both want and NEED to get back out on … Continue reading

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I started this blog last summer after crashing my bike and crunching my pelvis, to give me an outlet and record the healing process. It was fantastic. I love writing, and  the connections made with friends and family helped pull … Continue reading

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