Because I want to and I can

This one will be short and sweet, but I just want to put it out there…because as my friend Kari says, I want to and I can.

I had a rocking swim this morning. Several good things converged: my new Splish tuxedo swimsuit which is just funny, my hip feeling good, and my decision to quit screwing around. I know enough about good form. I know what to do; what gets in the way is overthinking. So I let myself just feel it, get out of my head and into my body. The great thing is that this swim was based around pacing – three sets of 3 x 100, on an easy / medium / hard pattern. Each was supposed to be about 2 seconds faster than the previous. I’m not quite precise enough to dial in 2 second increments. I was usually operating on 4 or 5 second increments…but I totally got the feel of easy, medium, and hard. And between the good form, the stylish swimsuit, and a decision to just let myself go for it, I swam the fastest 100 of my life. In the world of swimmers, or even triathletes, it’s not fast. But for me, it’s fast, and it felt great. And I looked so freaking dapper while doing it.

And after a day of work – also good and punctuated by my now-reinstated-because-it’s-no-longer-frigid lunchtime walk – I got to hit the gym. I know for a lot of people this might not sound fun…but I was psyched for both the workout and another excuse to consume espresso gel. I got to do my run progression – three 1/4 mile intervals of running, with 1/8 mile walks in between. Felt great. And then some weight machines. I got to take as long as I wanted, and it was pure luxury. It is such a gift to have a healthy body, and even better that using it seems to clean out my mind.

And then I went home to a dinner of (leftover / encore) roasted sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, onions, and tofu. And a couple squares of dark chocolate, because I want to and I can.

Good night, all.


About solveighanson

I'm a (late) thirtysomething Plant Breeding Ph.D. student, daughter / sister / auntie, vegetable fan, yogi, sometime cyclist, and enthusiastic if infrequent baker. I started this blog in the summer of 2010 to trace my recovery from a pelvic fracture sustained in a cycling accident. That healing process was truly transformative, and since then I seem to have written mostly about the transformations that have followed. And hence the title of the blog: Don't call me a butterfly, because I'm not done changing.
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4 Responses to Because I want to and I can

  1. Ruth H says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  2. Jim Scheuer says:

    Bravo Solveig. Great attitude.

  3. Sarah says:

    I think we need a picture of this tux!

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