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Soaking It Up

The past couple of days have been pretty sweet. I’ve had good energy – enough to wake up before breakfast, get my PT in, do several focused hours of work, chip away at housework, play stick with Tess, and even … Continue reading

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The Time Warp

Eight weeks ago tonight, I had just arrived in my hospital room, was still refusing pain meds (ha! for a couple more hours until reality kicked in!), and couldn’t quite believe what had happened. I’d been in the midst of … Continue reading

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On My Own Two Feet

🙂 I’ve been a little bit delinquent with the blog over the past few days. Between PT and working in the mornings, and then hair, dentist, doctor, and PT appointments in the afternoons, I’ve been keeping pretty busy. And the … Continue reading

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House Party

I awoke this morning feeling just a little edgy. Michael left at the usual time – about 5:45 am – and I tried to sleep a bit more. I’m sure I could’ve, but I felt ready to get on a … Continue reading

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Knock On Wood

I am tempted to post some effusive thing about how much better I’ve felt the last few days, because I’ve had a pretty good string, considering the puddle of sleepiness I was last week. And I’ll effuse a little bit, … Continue reading

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And Then There Was One

Yesterday was my weekly Physical Therapy appointment, which have become highlights of my week. Every week I seem to mark a small milestone – a first bike ride, first steps with crutches, etc – but this week I did not … Continue reading

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Sleeping Like It’s My Job

As I’ve written about this week, the transition to crutches has been exhausting, far more so than I’d expected. I’ve been sleeping like a champ, more than I can ever remember. I posted on Facebook that I haven’t had so … Continue reading

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